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The PowerShield NetSwitch Master is an Internet ready device designed to allow administrators too remotely and individually control the AC power for up to eight connected devices, such as, servers, routers, modems and telephone networks. Moreover, the user is able to pre-configure or turn on and off specific outlets when a UPS or PowerShield NetFeeler II device event occurs. With the use of up to 16 NetSwitch slave units, administrators can control a total of 128 devices.Turn on/off/reset any or all NetSwitch outlets via network GUI, phone or manually on-site
Equipped with master switch and protected by circuit breaker
Daisy-chain 16 units to control a total of 128 outlets
Set sequential or scheduled power on/off/reset to each outlet
Connect compatible a PowerShield UPS for real-time remote monitoring, management and control
Add on NetFeeler II to monitor temperature, humidity, water ingress, smoke, PIR, security and other RF sensors
Turn on/off outlets when a UPS or NetFeeler II event occurs or is resolved
Perform safe shutdown to allow software time to save and exit with safe reboot to avoid overloading mains
Event notification via e-mail, SMS trap
Add IP address mask to prevent unauthorised access to GUI
Support USB Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and USB flash disk
Centralised authentication by Radius
Support advance encryption: HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3
Perform multiple PC shutdown using ClientMate when AC fails or battery low

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