PowerShield DC Mini 12,15,19,24 V DC UPS - provides emergency power backup to all kinds of DC powered equipment .



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The PowerShield DC Mini 36 is an inline DC UPS designed to provide emergency power backup to DC powered equipment including modems, routers, VOIP phones, surveillance equipment, alarm systems and many critical telecommunication devices.Includes 4 x Li-Ion batteries
Auto-start when plugged in
Microprocessor control
Multicolour LED indicator and manual Power Off Switch
Overload, short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge protection
Long backup time
Additional terminal output for hardwired DC connection
The unit uses the power cord from the device ( router/modem etc). one end into the Power Socket and the other end into the DC UPS.
The output from the UPS connects to the device using one of the 6 connectors provided in the box.

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