BenQ X-Sign Standalone Player - For Non BenQ panels who want to use X-Sign for Local delivery only

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BenQ exclusive X-Sign cloud-based content management software makes it easy to create, schedule, and display traffic-stopping signage content. For a single display in a coffee shop or an extensive display network in a worldwide business franchise, X-Sign lets shop owners create content from hundreds of templates, schedule distribution, and monitor display performance in real time. Requiring no server set up, X-Sign is the one-stop solution to begin conversing with customers - with reduced manpower and resources.Featuring over 100 easy-to-use templates that support images, text, videos and QR code implementation, X-Sign allows you to quickly create content that fulfills your vision.
Remotely schedule content distribution for single or multiple displays online. With customized content, you can show customers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.
Use one or multiple accounts to centrally manage all of your digital signage. Centralized control makes it easy to maintain high-quality content and present a consistent message across all displays
X-Sign enables you to remotely display, schedule and monitor your customized content all through BenQ's cloud service
Supports models: ST430K, ST550K, ST650K, ST750K, ST860K, SL490, SL550, IL430, IL490, IL550

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