mstore is run by IT guys.  I get cold called every day for things we don't need, for companies we don't work out, by people who know less about the products than I do.

I started this site to bring IT products from the vendors, and distributors to you the customer.  In making an e-commerce store, I've seen all the blogs and read all the "techniques" for online sales.  Banners, popups, first order discounts, timers. Pushy techniques to try and increase conversion rates and boost sales.  It's the same sort of techniques that make super markets hide the milk right up the back of the store.  Somehow we are going to be side tracked by the fresh produce and come out with a trolley full of items plus the milk.

If you're like me and you come to the store for milk, you go straight to the milk and go home again.

So while I do employ some techniques to optimise the site, they revolve around clean design, well sized images and excellent data.  You can find the products you need in the search engine of source of your choice, get to the product you need with no fuss or bother.

We don't have a newsletter, we don't call up customers just to see what else you need.  If there's something of note we will occasionally create a blog post or put something up on the socials.  If you want to follow along, great, if you don't that's fine too.

Your time is too valuable to get countless emails from me.  You have too many meetings already to have to spend another one with me just to "see how you're tracking this financial year".

Having said that, if you have a question get in contact with us.  If you do have a project and need help, feel free to ask away.  We can and do assist many customers, from basic questions, product specs, through to full design and implementation.

Many times you want the ferrari but can only afford the Mazda.  That's fine.  The hard part is when vendors don't list their prices.  It's a massive hassle to go through a sales cycle of calls and meetings to get a quote with far too many zeros on it.

We always list prices.  Always.  Our prices are as accurate and as low as we can make them. However, if you have a project and want 5 or 10 or 100, then we can arrange bulk pricing. We partner with a large range of vendors who have bulk discounts. They do vary, but we try and ensure that the price on our website for 1 is accurate and gives you a guide for what it might be for your project.

Finding out what's affordable is important to your design. Pricing matters. Not just as a compare to other stores, but as a valuable informational tool in planning for your project.

I've been there, and I get it.

Sometimes, it's more important to get the item than squabbling over a price. Especially in COVID times, shipping into the country is even more tricky than shipping items once they are in a warehouse here.

I've spent hours and hours getting our inventory management system to a point that our availability levels are the most precise and up to date as possible.

At the end of the day I want you as a customer to be happy.

As an IT professional turning into a literal grey beard, I'm passionate about helping others int he industry to achieve their goals.  Part of that is writing fun, interesting and wise books (shameless plug to my book)/

It's also creating a sales channel that is designed to be as seamless, useful and the least intrusive as possible.

Rob - mstore