Update 1st Jan 2021 -  Things are mostly back to some sense of normal and interstate transport is generally unaffected by border closures.

If you're concerned or have questions just give us a call and we can assist.




In these crazy times I just wanted to update you on how Coronavirus is affecting things.

Short Answer

  • For In Stock items we have not seen any major delays or issues at this current time
  • Stock coming in from overseas we have seen longer wait times


Long Answer

Currently our stock levels, are based on what is either in stock at mstore or what is in stock in Australia at suppliers.  Therefore, if we say an item is "In Stock", then it is ready to be shipped to you within 24-48 hours.

A lot of supplier stock is shipped from Melbourne.  At this stage there is no change to supply and things are reasonably business as usual.  Precautions are being taken for staff and for customers.

So bottom line, expect things to stay relatively the same for now.  However, that can and may still change quickly.

We have seen longer ETAs with stock coming from vendors.  You may have noticed quite long lead times on certain products.  Production was entirely halted during the first half of the year at most factories.  Start-up times and supply vary dramatically with each vendor.

On top of this getting stock into the country is another kettle of fish and is variable.  So while we publish ETAs for products, they are passed onto us by vendors, suppliers and distributors.  While everyone is working extremely hard, estimates can and have been a little flexible.  So please bear with us.

Any questions feel free to ask, email sales@mstore.com.au or phone 1800 931 334

Thanks for your understanding