Servers don't respect holidays - A Christmas morality tale...of sorts

So while most people were enjoying some time off, we had a customer who discovered a key server had a dead network card.  

It seems while the team was trying to have some well deserved time off, the server decided to cause the end of 2020 to reflect pretty much the rest of 2020.

10Gb network cards are not super rare, but with everything shut down, couriers still delivering bakcogs from christmas, actually physically getting a card and getting it to the server seemed like a challenge.

That was until we were able to help.  A quick glance around the mstore warehouse showed it was empty of the right cards (too many were put under the tree by Santa as presents).  However, one of our local distributors had some stock and were dilligently working between Christmas and New Year.

A trip down to the warehouse, a trip to the data centre and the new card was installed and things could go back to normal.

The lesson here is two fold.

1 - IT equipment know when you need them to work and they will fail at inopportune moments, just to mess with you

2 - Even if it seems difficult give mstore a call and lets see what we can do to help you out.  We can always look at different options to help get something delivered, picked up, installed and configured.  Even if it's a replacement, second hand parts, some gum, tin cans and some string to get things working ASAP, we're happy to assist.

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