Onsite installation work on the Gold Coast

After a few days on the Gold Coast doing some install work, it’s back to the office this week.

While the view was great, it was all business....mostly

What did we install? Well we can't show too much, but we helped out one of customers by cleaning up a network rack at one of their satellite offices.  The main piece of equipment was a new Powersheild UPS and battery unit.  This gave them excellent protection and extended runtime in the event of power issues and outages.

Powershield has some excellent UPS products ranging from small units to protect a single PC, through to small network racks, and up to full server rooms.  Double online conversion UPS gives you the best possible protection from power issues, and optional extra battery units allow longer runtime as required.

The network rack was in desperate need of a tidy up as well, so old equipment was removed, some new CAT6 cables installed and we also included a new Cisco SG-350 switch.

The Cisco SG series is great for SMB environments where you need some basic managed functions such as VLANs, basic routing etc.  They come in a range of sizes from 10 port through to 48 port and include SFP and copper uplink ports.  There is even one or two units with 10Gb uplinks.  You can also choose POE or non-POE depending on your circumstances.  This flexibility gives you the ability to get the switch you need without paying for ports or functionality you don't need.

We are always happy to help out where we can.  Whether it's just supplying the hardware you need, through to helping provide a full end to end solution.

Products we installed were: