Cloudmesh Satellite Pairing Tips and Tricks

We've been almost overwhelmed with the excitement around the Netcomm Cloudmesh products this year.  The demand has been intense and we've been proud to help you get your WiFi network expanded and working even better.

While NS-01 Cloudmesh Satellite is designed to be a plug and play type technology, not everyone has had a smooth setup.  Luckily so far we've been able to fix everyone who has had issues.

Troubleshooting is always difficult when you don't have the inside word.  So here's some tips if you're stuggling to get your Cloudmesh Satelite connected.


Ensure you have latest firmware for your Cloudmesh Gateway

I know this is what you are always told, but believe me, this can make a big difference.  Many ISPs have been shipping gateways throughout 2020 and the Cloudmesh features are pretty new.  Ensuring you are on the latest firmware can ensure things work correctly.

Grab firmware R6B029 published on 23/12/20 here  

The Netcomm support page with firmware, manuals etc is here


Make sure Mesh WiFi is enabled on your Gateway

This sounds silly but there is an software option to enable or disable the Cloudmesh feature on the Gateway itself.  Many times this is disabled and therefore the Satellite is never going to connect.

It's simple enough to change.

Login to the Gateway, and go to the Wireless settings. Click More Settings

Cloudmesh Gateway Wifi Settings

Now you'll see more options for Wifi.  Under the 5Gz option ensure that the Mesh setting is turned On

Cloudmesh Gateway Wifi Mesh Setting

Now try Pairing the Satellite, you may have more luck


Pair your Satellite while connected via an ethernet cable

If all else fails then one option that has worked for customers is to connect the Satellite via an ethernet cable to the Gateway, then Pair the devices while connected.

Why this works I'm not sure, but it has certainly helped quite a few customers after a long periods of troubleshooting.

Once paired the devices can be disconnected and will work via WiFi as intended.



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