Becoming King of the Nerds

It's an exciting day in the mstore/monpearte office.  My brand new book has arrived!

A long time in the making, I am proud to announce that it's finally arrived from the printers and ready to share.

Becoming Kind of the Nerds: How to Run IT Teams and Influence People

For too long IT teams have been forgotten departments in companies globally.

Learn how you can become an effective global leader, respected, and revered by all.

Find out how to go from the basement to the boardroom.

Take up the challenge of becoming a genuinely inspiring IT leader.

Discover how to bring about real transformation in your organisation in your company.

Develop your skills to truly become King of the Nerds!


This is a great dive into the world of IT teams, managing IT people and how to make yourself (as an IT person) more effective and relevant within an organisation.

In my own fun and easy style, this is a great read for anyone seeking to understand how to grow in their IT career.  Whether you're looking to advance into IT management and the very top of the corporate ladder, or just wanting to understand more than just the technical aspects of IT, this is a perfect Easter read.

You can get the paperback straight from mstore from today. Or grab an ebook version from Amazon